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Los Angeles-based artist, Nikybotz, is inspired by contemporary, pop, and street art. Using his characters called Botz, this twenty-six-year-old artist, motivated by originality and creativity, explores ideas behind growing up and becoming an adult.

His pieces often are simplistic, yet creative filled with bright colors to stand out in a street setting. The use of these distinct colors, shapes, and designs has caught the attention of street art enthusiasts and buyers alike.

Growing up, Nikybotz's school notes always had more drawings than class notes. He believes all artists want to create something unique and original. That is certainly what he envisioned when he created the Nikybotz eyes. They are authentic; they are different; they are Nikybotz.

The Artist

If I am lucky, I have about 80 years on this planet, and I will not waste any time not living how I want to live. I would rather do nothing in the world than make art, so there is no question about how I will spend my time.

In my art, I like to capture the true essence of coming of age in today's world through my Botz, colors, and shapes.

I am motivated by originality, creativity, and a constant desire to improve. It’s about taking an idea and making it a reality. Art and life are the same for me in that regard.